Reliable Propane Delivery

Looking for dependable delivery of high-quality propane gas? The search is over. Lipton Energy is pleased to deliver premium propane gas to customers across Berkshire County and the surrounding area. Homeowners in Massachusetts choose propane to power their homes because it is safe, efficient, and can be used for all kinds of household uses.

Benefits of Propane Gas

There are many significant benefits to using propane gas in your home in Western Massachusetts.

  • Propane Is Versatile
    Propane can power all sorts of appliances including, heating equipment, hot water heaters, fireplaces, kitchen stoves, clothes dryers, backup generators, and more. The best part? Propane helps these appliances run very efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Propane Is Safe
    Propane gas has a longstanding history of safety. It is highly regulated to ensure safe operation, storage, and use.
  • Propane Is Clean
    Propane is a clean, non-toxic fuel that produces very low emissions. It is biodegradable and considered an alternative energy source.

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Automatic Propane Delivery

Make managing your fuel supply super simple by signing up for automatic propane gas delivery. We will monitor your propane usage and daily weather conditions to schedule automatic deliveries when your tank gets low. Call (413) 443-9191 to enroll today!

Propane Delivery You Can Count On

Whether you rely on propane to heat your home, keep your stove running, or as a backup power source, you want to order propane from a reliable propane company that can truly deliver. That’s where we come in. Lipton Energy has built its reputation on professional service. When you become a propane customer, you can expect a seamless experience from your first order to the delivery and every moment in between

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