Budget and Payment Plans

Lipton Energy understands that planning for next winter’s heating costs can be tricky. When it comes to weather and the ever-changing oil market, no one can predict what each heating season will bring. Don’t let these factors take total control of your heating bills. With Lipton Energy’s budget and payment plans, heating your Western Massachusetts home can be simple, convenient, and even cost less!

Fixed Price Budget Plan

You spread the cost of your car, mortgage, phone, and internet into monthly bills. Why should your heating costs be any different? Signing up for a fixed budget plan with Lipton Energy can help avoid sky-high fuel bills in the winter, add predictability to your household spending, and allow you to take advantage of the best fixed price we offer. To enroll in a budget plan, customer must be signed up for automatic delivery.

How It Works

To figure out your monthly payment amount, we split your annual heating costs into equal installments over a 10-month period based on last year’s fuel use and the predetermined fixed price.

  • Keep your bills simple and predictable.
  • Make low monthly payments.
  • Enjoy worry-free automatic fuel delivery.

Join the Lipton Energy Family

We’ll take care of all of your home comfort needs! Become a customer for oil delivery, propane delivery, heating service, A/C service, and more. It’s quick and simple to get started.


Fixed Price Prebuy

The oil market can be volatile, why take the risk? Lock in the best price before the heating season begins and protect your wallet against rising fuel prices. Customers that enroll in Lipton Energy’s Fixed Price Prebuy plan skip the stress of managing heating costs during the colder months. Instead, you can pay for your heating oil at the best possible rate upfront and spend the winter worry-free when it comes to fuel prices.

Will-Call Discount Terms

All will-call oil deliveries are billed at the daily retail price. If paid within 10 days, customer will earn $0.10 per gallon (cash price). Lipton Energy discounts by volume. If your tank exceeds the standard size of 275 gallons then you may be entitled to a larger discount. Please call our office for a quote on your next delivery.

Price Cap Plan

The Price Cap Plan is another way to protect yourself from changing oil prices. When you sign up we will set a predetermined “capped” price for the season. No matter how market rates rise, you will never pay more than your cap price. If the market falls, you pay the lower price. Price Cap Plans require a small monthly fee. Contact us to learn more!


Enrollment for Lipton Energy’s payment plans is open annually from late summer through early fall. Contact us here or call our office to learn more and sign up today!