Fleet Card Program

Keep your fleet on the move and earn rewards along the way. LiptonMart Stores offer fleet card programs that allow you to manage your fuel costs and enhance your security. This program is ideal for fleet operators looking for extra savings and detailed reporting.

With LiptonMart Stores conveniently located across Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont, our fleet card program is perfect for local and regional commercial businesses. Instead of fueling up at any stop, you can take advantage of a network of modern, accessible convenient store locations equipped with the fuel your fleet depends on. LiptonMart Stores offer Mobil and Shell gasoline as well as diesel.

Sign up for LiptonMart’s fleet card program for:

  • Better card controls
  • Simplified reporting
  • Fuel savings
  • Total convenience


Click here to find the closest LiptonMart Store near you. To learn more about LiptonMart’s fleet card program, simply contact our office.

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Fleet Card Program