Service Plans

Protect your home heating system with a Lipton Energy oil heat service plan. Customers living in our Western MA service area can sign up for premium coverage to help minimize service bills and reduce the risk of surprise breakdowns from season to season.

Lipton Energy Oil Heating System Service Plan

Our service plan is designed to help reduce service costs by making sure your heating system is working at peak efficiency. Customers that enroll gain peace of mind knowing that our team of experienced technicians are available 24/7/365.

Service Plan Includes:

Heating system inspection and automatic oil delivery enrollment is required to be eligible for a Lipton Energy service plan.

Help, I Have No Heat!

If you find your heating system is not working, use this quick checklist to troubleshoot before placing a service call:

  1. Is your thermostat turned up to the right setting?
  2. Is your emergency switch on?
  3. Check your oil tank. Do you have fuel?
  4. Is the burner control off? If so, press the RESET button ONCE ONLY. If the burner turns on then goes off within two minutes, call Lipton Energy for service. Do not press the reset button again.

Contact Lipton Energy to sign up for a heating system service plan. If you are in need of emergency service, call us toll free at (877) 443-9191!

*For a list of parts, please contact our office.