Rebate Programs

Upgrading your heating and air conditioning equipment shouldn’t break the bank. Thanks to statewide initiatives for energy efficiency, it doesn’t have to! Here at Lipton Energy, we are always looking for ways to help our customers save money on quality HVAC equipment. We are proud to serve as a resource for customers seeking money-saving rebates through programs across Massachusetts.

MassSave HVAC Equipment Rebates

Residential rebates through MassSave are available for a variety of heating equipment, A/C systems, and even Wi-Fi thermostats. When you apply for a rebate, you can receive major cash back on already affordable installations with Lipton Energy.

Some current available rebates*:

  • Up to $500 rebate for oil heating equipment
  • Up to $3,250 rebate for early heating and cooling equipment
  • Up to $125 rebate or discount for wireless thermostats

Why Upgrade to High Efficiency?

Using higher efficiency heating and cooling systems translates to more effective energy output. This can provide significant benefits for your property, your family’s comfort, and our environment.

  • Savings on annual heating and cooling costs
  • Improved year-round home comfort
  • Reduced risk of equipment failure
  • Fewer emissions
  • Rebate savings

Contact Lipton Energy to learn more about heating and cooling installations. To apply for a rebate, visit MassSave’s website.

*Rebate programs are susceptible to change. Visit to find out if you are eligible.