Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits for Extra Heat in Massachusetts

Winter is in full swing here in Western Massachusetts. Is your home equipped with everything it needs to keep your family safe and warm without super-high energy bills? Consider adding a ductless mini-split system with an electric heat pump to help supplement your oil boiler or furnace. Supplemental heating allows for minimal wasted energy and maximum flexibility when it comes to heating your home. As your local home comfort experts, we’re sharing some benefits of supplemental heat with mini-splits.

Cold Weather Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits

1. Quiet Operation

Peace and quiet is an important comfort in any household. Installing ductless mini-splits helps ensure your home is more peaceful, even when your system is running. These systems are designed with an indoor and outdoor unit, so the louder components, such as the motors and compressors, can be placed outside of the home.

2. Energy-Efficient

Another benefit of using ductless mini-splits is their energy efficiency. The absence of ductwork on the system helps reserve energy. In traditional heating systems, much of the energy loss occurs between the system and the rooms in your home, through duct leaks as well as uninsulated ducts. Much less energy escapes from mini-splits due to the ductless design.

3. Individual Zoning

Supplemental heating allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms or spaces in your home or business. Since the heat pumps are ductless, you benefit from individual zoning. This means you no longer have to worry about heating parts of your home that don’t get as much use. Instead of wasting heat, you can select exactly which parts, or rooms, in your home to heat with ductless heat pumps.

The biggest advantages of ductless mini-splits are the small size and flexibility for heating individual rooms. Contact Lipton Energy today or visit our blog to learn more about supplemental heat with mini-splits.